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Electrostatic Discharge Prevention PracticesThe combination of the continuing miniaturization of electronic components together with their incorporation into ever larger numbers of business and consumer devices, from telecommunications switches to automobiles, is creating a serious problem.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) prevention training is needed by an ever larger segment of the workforce. Many underestimate the magnitude of the damage caused by these unseen events. Often the results of poor practice during manufacture or installation lead to failure at a later time, in the hands of customers.

The direct and indirect costs of ESD induced failures is extremely large, running into the millions for the majority of large companies in the electronics field.

Even companies with very stringent ESD control programs must continually train, and continually reevaluate their safeguards, because every time the geometry of chips decreases, the ESD susceptibility increases.

Do you have ESD training requirements in your manufacturing company for which you cannot find appropriate materials and resources?

Please visit any of the sites listed below for information on ESD and training resources.


Rovell - Manufacturing Training on CD-ROM
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Automated Learning Corporation
Automated Learning Corporation

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ESD Association

ESD Association


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